Pet Bandana Sizing

Over the Collar Pet Bandana

These bandanas are designed to slide directly onto your pet's collar for easy wear. Measurements are based on a standard dog collar size.


X-Small - 1.5in opening for the collar to slide in to. Perfect for those teeny tiny pooches under 10lbs

Small - 1.5in opening for collar, 6.5in length along top, 5in from top to point. Perfect for cats & dogs 10 to 20 lbs with average to narrow necks (terriers, Chihuahuas, Maltese)

Medium - 1.5in opening for collar, 9.5in length along top, 6.5in from top to pointIdeal for dogs up to 60lbs with narrow to average necks (aussies, spaniels, corgis, pugs)

Large - 2in opening for collar, 11in length along top, 8.5in from top to point
Fits dogs who have a little extra love around their necks (pitbulls, bulldogs, etc) and dogs between 60-110lbs (labs, german shepherds, retrievers)

X-Large - 2in opening for the collar, best for those extra fluffy big doggos like chows, or great danes. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions, color of backing & pattern placement may vary slightly due to these items being handmade.